Call for papers for Frontiers’s Research Topic on Multisensory Human-Food Interaction

All information can be found here: Multisensory human-food interaction. Here’s a summary of the key information:

Submission deadlines

01 February 2017 Abstract
01 June 2017 Manuscript

About this research topic

There is a growing interest in the context of Human-Food Interaction (HFI) to capitalize on multisensory interactions in order to enhance our food-related experiences (or Multisensory Human-Food Interaction, MHFI). In this Research Topic we are calling for investigations on, and applications of, the principles that govern the systematic connections that exist between the senses, as well as systems that create new, or enhance already existing, multisensory eating and drinking experiences, in the context of MHFI.


MHFI also involves digital food interactions from remote locations and enhancing social interactions to augment eating experiences. This includes sensing taste, smell, and flavor information from one place, transferring them over the internet digitally, and effectively regenerating them at the destination. Therefore, in this Research Topic we are also interested in sensing and actuation interfaces, new communication mediums, and persisting and retrieving technologies for MHFI.



Packaging shapes up and feels great

Here’s a new post on food and drink packaging by Dr. Claire Koelsch Sand that talks about my research on multisensory packaging design. It’s published on Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Food Technology magazine: Packaging shapes up and feels great

“This is the realm of multisensory or synaesthetic packaging design and is packaging design that is based on the systematic connections that exist between the senses.”