About me

My name is Carlos Velasco and I’m an Experimental Psychologist and entrepreneur. In this website, I present some information about my interests, my academic and professional experience, and some of my work. Below, you’ll see my short bio.

Academic Background. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Universidad de los Andes and my D.Phil. in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, under the supervision of Professor Charles Spence (Crossmodal Research Laboratory). Following that, I worked first as a research fellow at the SCHI Lab, Sussex University, and then as a research fellow at the Imagineering Institute (Iskandar, Malaysia). Currently, I’m a research affiliate at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory. I will soon start a new position as Assistant Professor at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

Research. My research focuses on crossmodal perception, in particular on documenting and understanding crossmodal correspondences in the context of sensory marketing, multisensory human-computer interaction, and multisensory design. Crossmodal (or what are sometimes called synaesthetic) correspondences refer to the often surprising associations of seemingly unrelated, non-redundant, information across the senses, which can provide relevant cues for people when they make inferences about the world around them. For instance, people associate tastes and shape curvature and pitch and spatial elevation, in specific ways.


I have collaborated with several researchers from all over the world. My research has been presented in conferences such as IMRF, Pangborn, SXSW, CHI, ACE, and ESOMAR. It has also been published in journals such as Perception, Food Quality and Preference, PeerJ, Journal of Sensory Studies, and Flavour (see Research), and has been covered by several media news (i.e., BBC, ScienceShot, Daily Mail, and NPR). I have been invited as a speaker to various companies (e.g., Colombina, Seguros Bolívar), universities (e.g., Oxford, Sussex, Sabana, NUS), and events (e.g., Experimental Food Society, Royal Institution, Digital Biscuit), and have taught several tutorials and seminars in Experimental Psychology and Marketing.

Industry. I’m one of the co-founders of Neurosketch (Colombia, applied research laboratory) and Flying Fish Research (UK, Oxford’s start-up conducting online research for marketing communications). I have worked with a number of companies from all around the world such as Takasago, Seguros Bolívar, Colombina, Sea Tech, Givaudan, Dow Chemical, Pfizer, and Terpel. This work has focused on a variety of topics including multisensory experience design, HCI, food and drink, packaging, branding, consumer research, advertising, marketing, research, and innovation. See Consulting for more information.